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Mike Farwell Show

Nov 13: Cambridge Ward 7, Transportation, and The Holocaust

The opening monologue (0:56); Cambridge Coun. Jan Liggett says anything but Ward 7 byelection a 'disservice' to voters and office (22:30); Minister of Transportation creating a Business Advisory Council with the Connect the Corridor Coalition (43:07); What on Wednesday! (1:03:57); 'Near Normal Man' shares story of Holocaust survivor Ben Stern (1:26:37); Between Two Hosts (1:46:10)

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 12: Don Cherry, Electricity Prices, and Homelessness

The opening monologue (0:56); It's time to say goodbye to Don Cherry and his xenophobic ways (21:56); Housing and Homelessness Alliance launched in Guelph, Wellington County (44:39); A pajama party with a purpose (1:04:19); Hydro bills up 5%, despite Ford's promised 12% cut - study (1:27:34); Mental Health monthly segment (2:03:42)

Bossy Women

Why you should leave your 9-to-5 to build your dream business

Natalie James is a wife, mom of three, entrepreneur,  and founder of Toronto’s most exclusive blow dry bar – Vent Blow Dry Bar. Inspired by the stories of female entrepreneurs she met, Natalie set out to take a detour and leave the security of a “good job” when she opened Vent Blow Dry Bar’s first location in Liberty Village, Toronto in July of 2017. In today’s episode, we’re chatting with Natalie about how to provide a truly meaningful customer experience, how to find the confidence to pursue your dreams, and the importance of self care.

Find Vent Blow Dry Bar Online:




This is a podcast dedicated to celebrating female entrepreneurs and providing tips, advice, and inspiration for aspiring girl bosses. We sit down with women business owners from Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond to learn from their entrepreneurial journeys – put your headphones in and be ready to get bossy!

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Old Grey Mayors

Ross Kelterborn

Former Wellesley Township mayor Ross Kelterborn as they talk about their history working together on the Waterloo Regional council and Ross's time as mayor.


Poetry and work/life balance with Michaela Angemeer

This week - we talk poetry with Michaela Angemeer and share some great events coming up next week. We then spend way too long trying to remember where the first Startups and Beer was held. (Edited for length. -Ed.)

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 11: Remembering our Veterans on Remembrance Day

The opening monologue (0:56); Remembering our Veterans on Remembrance Day (20:17); Rant or Rave: You're up! The stage is yours. Give us a call to tell us what has you ranting or raving! (1:40:07)

Not a Unicorn

"Just Friends"

Why are romantic / sexual relationship consider superior to friendships? What exactly makes friendships different than partnerships? In this weeks episode, we will take a deeper look at perceptions, attitudes and language surrounding friendships and how we can shift from friendships as a supportive role in life to ones that are fully enriching on their own. As usual, tips and homework!

Todd Donald

051 - Carlotta Trenholm

Holy shiatsu! You don’t know how hard I had to resist titling the episode “You don’t know Shiatsu!” or something 90s like that. What we have here though, is a delightful and informative conversation with Carlotta Trenholm: Shiatsu therapist. She is a huge fan of local live music and a wonderfully offbeat person... and that was just our first bonding point. From there, I play ignorance on Shiatsu, I invite Carlotta to explain… and then it turns into this neat chat about existence and people. It’s pretty touchy/feely, is what i’m saying, but in a consentual and entertaining way, fraught with slap-stick-ery.
In addition, you’re getting spoiled on this one, a three song, live, acoustic set, by WR’s Jessie T, featuring her songs “Ain’t The Whiskey”, “Love Me Longer”, and a request I made from her album ‘Reckless Heart’, but you’ll have to listen to find out what song… ooh i’m being saucy!
You may be just finding out about these people, so like I always say: please follow the internet to their pages and find out how you can support! the! artist! That also goes for the other artists you can hear on this episode, including Vienna D’Amato Hall and the classic cuts by Matt York and Mo Pair.
Tata! Love - Me. Featuring Todd Donald, Carlotta Trenholm and Jessie T.
Episode links…Carlotta Trenholm on IG, Jessie T
Songs:Matt York - Mine [Live on The iTodd Lounge, 2008]Vienna D’Amato Hall - Like A Star (from LONG STAY HOTEL - 2019)Mo Pair - Julia (from one of Mo Pair’s 2000s albums)Jessie T - Ain’t The Whiskey [Live on TDS]Jessie T - Love Me Longer [Live on TDS]Jessie T - La La Love [Live on TDS]

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 8: LRT Washrooms, Public Sector Pay Cap, and the Friday Four Panel

The opening monologue (0:56); No Place To Go: lack of washrooms along LRT system a problem (20:51); Bill capping Ontario public sector pay hikes passes (43:19); The Coach's Show (1:05:42); Soldier On -- Remembrance Day event (1:22:04); Friday Four Panel (1:31:12)

Farwell and Pope Podcast

Episode 067 - The House Always Wins

You probably think being a junior hockey scout would be a pretty cool job, watching hockey game after hockey game...after hockey game. Farwell and Pope bring you right behind the scenes and share some scouting stories before they talk to an amateur scout for a Stanley Cup champion. This scout also spent 11 years in the NHL himself and he's got stories to share. Plus, the guys break down Hockey Canada's approach to goaltending (hint, it's flawed), why Canada-Russia still matters (hint, it doesn't), and they take another look at Byfield as he says bye-bye to the rest of the field in the OHL as we look ahead to the NHL draft next June.

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 7: Textalyzers, Period Purse Blitz, and Tip or no Tip?

The opening monologue (0:56); Ontario government’s fiscal update shows deficit now down to $9B (20:43); Toronto lawyer pushing province to bring in 'Textalyzers' to catch texting drivers (43:17); The Period Purse Fall Blitz (1:03:55); Northern Ontario is a hotbed of UFO sightings but the federal government no longer tracks the reports (1:26:26); The Flip Side (1:47:46)

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 6: Waterloo Dangerous Roads, Local Homelessness, and Bottled Water

The opening monologue (0:56); Waterloo Region's most dangerous roads: Report shows worst intersections for crashes (21:37); The unignorable tower (45:24); Arts Pay (1:05:02); Zonta Film Festival (1:16:03); All Eyes On Nestlé - Waterloo (1:27:22); Between Two Hosts (1:46:26)

Full Stack Radio

127: Jonathan Reinink - Building Modern Monoliths with Inertia.js

In this episode, Adam talks to Jonathan Reinink about Inertia.js, a new framework he recently released that lets you build single page applications with Vue, React, or Svelte, without having to give up the productivity benefits of traditional server-side development workflows using tools like Laravel or Rails.

Topics include:

  • What Inertia.js is and what problem it solves
  • Why Inertia is more like a protocol than a framework
  • How navigation works in Inertia
  • How form submissions work in Inertia
  • How Inertia automatically updates your assets for visitors when you update your code
  • Handling flash messages and validation errors work
  • Building applications with persistent layouts
  • Showing placeholder screens with Inertia while data is loading


  • Cloudinary, sign up and get 300,000 images/videos, 10GB of storage and 20GB of monthly bandwidth for free
  • DigitalOcean, get your free \$50 credit at do.co/fullstack


  • Inertia.js
  • Inertia.js on GitHub
  • Ping CRM, the canonical Inertia.js demo application
  • Placeholder components in Inertia.js
  • Sponsor Jonathan's work on Inertia on GitHub

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 05: Green Party Leadership, AI Workforce, and Ask the Chief

The opening monologue (0:56); Elizabeth May steps down as Green Party leader (20:23); AI could bring ‘tremendous’ job losses and inequality (42:40); Victus Academy Open House (1:03:12); Ask the Chief! (1:25:13)


You can call it a comeback

We used to have another podcast, now we're starting over with your new TL;WR Podcast. We've got some great events to check out this week. Check out the TL;WR newsletter for the full list - mailchi.mp/ab2cfd05af8e/tlwr-2448913 

Bossy Women

Finding the power within yourself with Sekond Skin Studios

Today we’re sitting down with Lee-Anne Reuber, the founder of Sekond Skin Studios, Waterloo’s first Buti yoga studio. We’re diving deep into Lee-Anne’s story, and how she somewhat reluctantly found her way into the world of Buti yoga from a weekend training retreat to eventually starting her own studio. Through the conversation we learn about finding the power within yourself, and the importance of knowing when you need to make a major transition in your life.  Tune in!

Find Sekond Skin Studios Online:




This is a podcast dedicated to celebrating female entrepreneurs and providing tips, advice, and inspiration for aspiring girl bosses. We sit down with women business owners from Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond to learn from their entrepreneurial journeys – put your headphones in and be ready to get bossy!

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KW Linux User Group(KWLUG)

2019-11: Git, Matrix

Paul Nijjar presents a beginner's introduction to Git. Hubert Chathi discusses the Matrix communications protocol. See kwlug.org/node/1172 for additional information, slides and other auxiliary materials. Note that this audio has had silences clipped.

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 4: Regional Government Review, National Crime Strategy, and a 'Miracle' CF Drug

The opening monologue (0:56); Ken Seiling 'disappointed' by outcome of Ontario's regional government review (21:07); Here's how a national strategy against violent crime could work (43:21); 'Miracle' cystic fibrosis drug approved in U.S., Canadian trials underway (1:04:24); Rant or Rave (1:25:35)

On Wisdom Podcast

23: Antifragility, Gut Feelings, and the Myth of Pure Evil (with Jonathan Haidt)

Does that which doesn’t kill you make you weaker? Should we always follow our emotions? Is life a battle between good people and bad people? And critically, what might the adoption of these three popular, but unwise, ideas be doing to a rising generation of young adults? Jonathan Haidt joins Igor and Charles to discuss the three great untruths of modern life, the nature of antifragility, the 'great awokening,' rising violence on US university campuses, and the origin story of the Heterodox Academy. Igor suggests that diversity can help some projects while hindering others, Jon shares his ultimate conflict-resolving ninja skill, and Charles learns that conservative voters come in radically different shapes and sizes. Welcome to Episode 23.

Special Guest: Jonathan Haidt.


  • Jon Haidt's Home Page
  • Heterodox Academy
  • The Coddling of the American Mind
  • Jonathan Haidt: Can a divided America heal? | TED Talk
  • A Conflict of Visions - Thomas Sowell
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
  • More in Common - Publications - The Perception Gap / Hidden Tribes
  • Reparations, systemic racism, and white Democrats’ new racial liberalism (On the Great Awokening) - Vox
  • The Authoritarian Dynamic - Karen Stenner
  • E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century - Robert D. Putnam
  • The emotional dog and its rational tail: a social intuitionist approach to moral judgment - Haidt (2001)
  • The Coddling of the American Mind - International Coddling
  • World Happiness Report 2019 - Chapter 5: The Sad State of Happiness in the United States and the Role of Digital Media - Jean M. Twenge
  • The Happiness Hypothesis: Putting Ancient Wisdom to the Test of Modern Science: Amazon.co.uk: Jonathan Haidt: 8601300074849: Books
  • The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion: Amazon.co.uk: Jonathan Haidt: 0884607571077: Books

First Baptist Church Sermons

85th Anniversary Sunday

Our 85th Anniversary Sunday service speaker was Dr. Corey Abney.

First Baptist Church Sermons

The Genealogy of Jesus

Our 85th Anniversary Sunday School service speaker was Dr. Corey Abney.

Mike Farwell Show

Nov 1: Cambridge Phase 2 ION, Coach's Show, and Friday Four Panel

The opening monologue (0:56); Cambridge residents get first look at preliminary designs for Phase 2 ION (22:11); Province's plans to change gravel pit rules could harm local water, natural areas: report (44:06); The Coach’s Show (1:05:17); Friday Four Panel (1:28:14)

Farwell and Pope Podcast

Episode 066 - Oh Kooy

Sarnia swings a deal with London but is there another trade up the Sting's sleeve? The Storm continue to re-stock, and it's still too early to talk about the standings! Just ask Pope.

Todd Donald


♦I love these two! I invited singer/songwriter Jesse Parent to Descendants Brewing on Thursday afternoon, and we recorded a podcast. Singer/songwriter Katy Topham, invited Jesse T there to do the same, but like a facebook live-streaming show Jessie does called CoffeeTalk... during which I make a booger-riffic cameo.
This all results in my getting a chance to record a little mini-set of Jessie T songs to insert in a future episode with a non-musical guest. Please check out this video, AND do listen to, engage with, and support in any way you can, these wonderful talents!

Jesse Parent on Facebook
Jessie T on Facebook
Katy Topham on Facebook

Todd Donald

050 - Tessa

It's episode 50!!! and I can't believe my longtime friend Tessa is finally a guest! You may know her work in Waterloo Region Crossing, the show Kitchener Sync, running for City Council and several live performances in the band The Short Films. Accolades aside, Tessa's always been one of my favourite people, just as a person... and while it's been a struggle to stay in touch or to arrange a time for this podcast to happen, i've always looked up to this forthright trooper a great deal. It's amazing what one human being is capable of, and I believe Tessa's one of those who leads by example of that. We talked about her many projects, adventures, and having weird, off-days.
In the mix, you'll enjoy Tessa performing an original song on the show, but you'll have to wait until the fourth song, and listen to us chat first. Sorry, not... Please support the artists you hear, including Glenna Garramone, The Good Lovelies, Mike Erb Trio and Mansionair! Clickity-clack!!! Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald and Tessa.
Episode links...
Waterloo Region Crossing, Kitchener Sync on Facebook, The Short Films on Facebook
Song list...Glenna Garramone - Maple Syrup (from SEASKY-STARSONG - 2009)The Good Lovelies - When The City Settles (from BURN THE PLAN - 2015)Mike Erb Trio - Take It Back (from EVERY LITTLE LIGHT - 2009)Tessa - Dirt [Live on The Todd Donald Show]Mansionair - We Could Wait (from SHADOWBOXER - 2019)

Todd Donald

030 - Mathilde

Sara as I know her, came over to chat about her work as a singer/songwriter. I’ve known her as an amazing amazing vocalist, during our friendship as regulars of Jeremy & Peyton’s kareoke crew (2013-2015). Mathilde, is the stagename of a musical beast ready to rock the world. Sara’s also a sweet and very strong, smart person who was delightful to have coffee and catch-up with; date of May 11th. Cheers, Todd. Featuring Todd Donald and Sara Godfrey.

Todd Donald

032 - Cuneyt Yetkiner

Cuneyt (or Juneyt) Yetkiner, 1/3 of Turk and the Hobbits, and many musical things to many people.. stopped by, to chat about LITERALLY whatever. He didn’t even take those flamenco-trained fingers and play stuff for this show.. we just had a hoot together. I will not complain. This handsome young Turkish lad and I, shared this coffee and conversation, on the date of June 9th. Cheers, Todd. Featuring Todd Donald and Cuneyt Yetkiner.

Episode links... Juneyt.com

Todd Donald

031 - Rashmi Sanjay

I jumped back out of my comfort zone, to meet someone I originally found/met on instagram. Rashmi Sanjay was originally someone I knew to be an enthusiastic radio host (In Conversation with Rashmi), but after doing a little research (ie. Hollistic Parenting and her website) I discovered that she is an amazing human, survivor and being. Over coffee, on May 21st, I got to sit down with Rashmi and chat about her story, what she’s doing with the radio show, and more. Cheers, Todd. Feautring Todd Donald and Rashmi Sanjay.

Episode links... Rashmi Sanjay

Todd Donald

033 - Cuneyt Yetkiner (vault stuff)

You can now hear Cuneyt (Juneyt) and I’s chat for ‘The iTodd Lounge’, from the vault, recorded on July 18th, 2016. Cuneyt closed off our session, with a beautiful rendition of an instrumental song “Yakamoz”. Enjoy this add-on to Episode 32, or if you haven’t yet, give that a listen as well! Cheers, Todd. Featuring Todd Donald and Cuneyt Yetkiner.

Episode links... Juneyt.com

Todd Donald

034 - Amanda Muse

I dared myself to go head-to-head with a pro, create some laughs, and have an enjoyably levelled chat about being self-taught media creators. Amanda Muse (@amandamuse on IG) went the route of branding herself, and creating something that exists on a high-calibre level, and continually raising the bar for herself and most content creators out there. I went a different way, but gese, we were both born in ’84, and we’re both wired to create.. common ground! It was hard for me to fight my nerves given how much I look up to her, but I think it went well. Skyped on May 23rd. Cheers, Todd. Featuring Todd Donald and Amanda Muse.

Episode links... Amanda Muse, Amanda Muse on Instagram

Todd Donald

037 - Anna Beard

For the thirty-seventh episode, freelance writer, news junkie and localvore, also, 80s-born pop-culture fanatic, Kitchener’s Anna Beard joins. We started off (on June 2nd, that is) talking in-depth about coffee and coffee shops, and via going into Anna’s dating-life, we wound up revealing a story I never thought i’d share about dating AND baristas. We go through dating a bit more. There’s a bit of stuff missing at the end that we ran out of time for, a little more politics, Sisqo’s “Thong Song”, mix CDs; but I clipped in at the very very end, an epilogue shouting out to our GHA friends who make that delicious DETOUR coffee! Cheers, Todd. Featuring Anna Beard and Todd Donald.

Episode links... Anna Beard, Anna Beard on Instagram

Todd Donald

036 - Sandra Dynka

Continuing in the theme of people I met on Instagram… Things begin to get meta, when I’m meeting friends of friends made on The Coffeehouse Crowd prior. The lovely Sandra Dynka is KW Miss Oktoberfest 2018-2019, a pro-tennis player/coach and health food advocate. She strives to be a champion in any arena she steps in, and I beg for her to go easier on herself. She was great to meet and chat with!. Cheers, Todd. Featuring Todd Donald and Sandra Dynka.

Episode links... Sandra Dynka on Instagram, KW Miss Oktoberfest

Todd Donald

035 - Ape Audio

Ape Audio, another podcast I heard about as an online reader of Community Edition - features three young lads and multi-media hijinx, from band/artist interviews to chromakey dreams and nightmares, all in the name of comedy and fun. The dream team: Christian, Ian & Patrick stopped by on May 26th, to audition me for the fold. If you’re reading, guys, none taken : ( and thanks for being on : )! Cheers, Todd. Featuring Christian, Ian & Patrick from Ape Audio and Todd Donald.

Episode links... Ape Audio on YouTube

Todd Donald

038 - Elaine Kapogines

Continuing in the theme of people I met on Instagram… how do 20th century creatives develop culture in the 21st century? Elaine Kapogines (creator of The Holistic Parent) sat down with me over coffee on June 7th, so we could do some self-analytics. We checked the numbers on engagement with our respective projects, and our lives outside of them. This chat was me realizing that the struggle is shared, because of Elaine’s kindness, sharing & expertise… and we had a few laughs. How about THAT one, gang? #hashtag…Cheers, Todd. Featuring Todd Donald and Elaine Kapogines.

Episode links... The Holistic Parent

Todd Donald

039 - William Chernoff

You get to hear me, having an off-day, over Skype, with one of this podcast’s biggest fans. Fantastic bassist and composer William Chernoff, of both his own original Chernoff Music project and accompanist in the band Early Spirit, and I, became friends and quickly big fans/supporters of each other from the get go. Discussing the refinement process of musicianship and life, this podcast, has been pleasantly refined, with the inclusion of theme music, made from portions of William’s stellar composition “Makie Elkino”. Here he is, via Skype-recorded on June 23rd, William Chernoff. Cheers, Todd. Featuring William Chernoff and Todd Donald.

Episode links... Chernoff Music, Early Spirit, William Chernoff on Bandcamp

Todd Donald

040 - Kelly Abbass (vault stuff)

Kelly and I met in person on The Night Sessions at CJIQ in 2006, when I was still getting started with my "British/Local-Indie" show The British Invasion. We met prior on MySpace and after a few other in-person functions, Kelly & Steve Dilts came over on May 8th, 2008, so Kelly would be an early guest on my first podcast The iTodd Lounge. This was an exceptional opportunity so I could juxtapose a model, with my gigantic and out-of-shape self, in the comedy realm... alas, I tried to make the POINT, talking with Kelly about her creative pursuits & projects, which also included acting and singing.

I can't say enough about how kind, graceful and supportive she was and still is through the years... please enjoy this peak back in time, with Kelly Abbass! Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Kelly Abbass and Todd Donald

Episode links... Kelly Abbass

Todd Donald

041 - This Is Pristine

Through some mishap and laughter, Kelly and Steph of This Is Pristine and I, had a joyous time catching up. We chatted about the band, the fans, social media and people watching at the mall... which for some reason, got messy. After the chat, This is Pristine delighted me with the first live-off-the-floor acoustic songs in several months! I offer at the end a few minutes of monologging that you can skip. Enjoy! Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Kelly Abbass, Todd Donald and Steph Dilts.

Episode links... This is Pristine on Facebook, This is Pristine Kickstarter

Todd Donald

043 - Samantha Mirandola

I wish I had as much talent and spirit at 21, as actor and author Samantha Mirandola. She was a delightful guest, enthusiastic about being on the show and kind to me even with as ghastly as my appearance. I'm into reading her new novel dream-catalyst (infact if you have me on goodreads...), and I'm thinking THIS is the beginning of a very promising journey! Please say hello or clap or some kind of response, to Samantha Mirandola. Also at the end, I ramble about Being John Malkovich, and introduce an attempt at my first creative game - where YOU get to be a part of the show-kind of : ). Tata! Love - Me. Featuring Todd Donald and Samantha Mirandola.

Episode links... Samantha Mirandola on Instagram, dream-catalyst - link to purchase on Amazon

Todd Donald

044 - Luke Cyrus Hunter

With electric piano in hand (plus arm and waist), singer/songwriter and trained musician Luke Cyrus Hunter dropped by to nerd out with me about music. It's been 10+ years since his old band Stereola was here, so we did a bit of catching up, took a deeper dive into his beginnings and Luke performed three songs solo, live-off-the-floor... Goodness!! In this episode I also bring you Todd's Word-Game Fun #2, where we see what happens when you name restaurants after rappers. Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald and Luke Cyrus Hunter.

Episode links... Luke Cyrus Hunter

Todd Donald

042 - Katie

Queue the song "What A Wonderful World" by Sam Cooke and send it out to Gjoa Haven, Nunavut! Do it in your heart, or on your own time, cause I don't want to get sued! HAHAHAHA! But please think of my lovely partner, Katie, whom is as of recently, a full-time educator there. She and I shared an apartment for two years, during which time, I recorded a hundred or so podcasts, including all of these, up until and including this one. Speaking of 'un chat', she brought Luda into our lives, the unofficial mascot of the podcast.
Anyway, enjoy this farewell to the apartment, and fun, love-and-tear filled, awkward and fun again chat with Katie and I. Wanna know what's up with coaching champion synchro-swimmers? Wanna know what's up with uprooting to the arctic circle for work? This is the definitely the MOST RECENT podcast episode uploaded, with those things addressed! ; ). (Looo'ya bae, Xoxo). Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald and Katie.

Todd Donald

048 - Evan Corneil

Evan Corneil is now both a member of the Waterloo Region's music scene, and recently resident of the Waterloo Region. I was able to meet this nice feller at the Rhapsody Barrell Bar open-mic in DTK, he went up on stage and rocked his original material, and then he was also a sweet SOB to chat with. Having him over ended up with a few hours of hanging out, and then trying to rush this podcast... but that was still fun too. Enjoy this chat, including a trio of acoustic live-off-the-floor Evan Corneil tunes.
We talked about his small-town upbringing and musical influences, which unlike the rock n’ roll cliché, leads into some interesting stories of coercing people to play bass, dumping bands and coming up with intentionally stupid-but-awesome bandnames... and we could riff on that. Anyway, as I already said, sweet dude.
Included with Evan's original material, is some more music, by the amazing Amy Rola, and L.A.'s Jonah Ray. Please, if you enjoy any of the music you hear on this episode, go find the albums and support the artists!!! Nothing beats the real thing : D Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Evan Corneil and Todd Donald

Episode links...
Evan Corneil on Soundcloud

Songs list...
Amy Rola - Missing Piece (from THE WORLD THROUGH MY EYES - 2016)Jonah Ray - Reptilicus (New Wave) (from YOU CAN'T CALL ME AL - 2019)
Evan Corneil - Farther To Fall [Live on TDS]
Evan Corneil - Don't Look Down [Live on TDS]
Evan Corneil - (I Know You Like) The Night Sky [Live on TDS]

Todd Donald

049 - Sam Nabi

In this episode, Sam Nabi and I talked about things that no one on a podcast has ever talked about, like recording music, and how the internet’s changed over time-don’t laugh. We ALSO talked about Kitchener Waterloo, and how this area has seen his evolution from student & singer/songwriter, to businessman & poet/hip-hop artist; being one who focuses his lyrics on where he’s coming from, this world that exists in KW.
We talk about how we look at the past, present and future, as ourselves, as a community, as artists, as a species… it all seems to live in this wicked loop of examining the contrasts of our tenses. The highlight, somewhere in our bit of long-lost friends catching up and havin’ a time… is the update on the new music Sam’s been working on, including three live-off-the-floor performances. Enjoy!
Included with Sam’s new original songs, is some archived performance from earlier episodes you may have missed; including the amazing local artists, Twas Now and Jesse Parent!!! Go now and get your copies of the new “Somedays, Tomorrows and Best Laid Plans” album by Jesse Parent, and Twas Now’s still-spankin’ new album “Flesh & Bone”, on compact-disc, digital and more.. Nothing beats the real thing! : D Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald and Sam Nabi.

Episode links...
Sam Nabi

Song List...Jesse Parent - Best Laid Plans [Live on TDS - from episode 20]Twas Now - Black Coffee [Live on TDS - from episode 9]Sam Nabi - Gaslight [Live on TDS]Sam Nabi - Port City [Live on TDS]Sam Nabi - Happy Place [Live on TDS]

Todd Donald

047 - Brittany Pyatt

I met comedian Brittany Pyatt at an open-mic at The Rich Uncle Tavern in Kitchener, and through a few more chats at local-live-music we made this podcast episode happen. Now, I would typically see a friend in pain and slow my roll as a goofball for the podcast to match, and we DID talk about a recent pain in the life of this stand-up act, but I still tried to use what I could as a springboard to zing the status quo, and make myself laugh. With understanding and resilience, it didn't affect our chat. Brittany is a funny and offbeat gal, who like many, is just trying to navigate the constantly under-construction, minefield of dating/relationships, which is not unlike trying to drive around a certain region I know... We also talked about movies! Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald and Brittany Pyatt.
Here's the first posting in our new Thursday time-slot! Such has always been based on my work schedule, being that as much work as this takes, it's still the passion project and not the income generator, but you know this already. Featuring music by CityWide Panic, Jessie T, Mike Todd, Kristina Stapelfeld and Carly & Mark.

Episode links...
Brittany Pyatt on Facebook
Song list...CityWide Panic - High Hopes (from JOHNNY'S GARAGE - EP - 2018)Jessie T - La La Love (from RECKLESS HEART - 2016)
Mike Todd - Feedin' You (from GOOD MAN - 2016)
Kristina Stapelfeld - Hemisphere (from KRISTINA STAPELFELD - 2016)Carly and Mark - Morning Light Praying (from NEW CITY MORNING - 2008)

Todd Donald

046 - Beware of HopeFest

With the manic-energy of a Sam Raimi film, Jerelle Fisher (MC) and Sofia Monaro (DJ/Keys) and their BEWARE brand, take the stage, leaving only rubble in the wake of their amazing live show. Personally, I’m of the cruising and blasting sort, either way there’s satisfaction to be had. Raw talent, raw expression, exquisite tracks, and you’re being taken on a journey, that’s all. As guests, I’ve never had an easier time moving through a recorded discussion and maintaining energy than with this twosome. Recently they rocked the Belmont Village Bestival in Waterloo, and they’ll be back in Waterloo for HopeFest THIS COMING SATURDAY… find out more on that in the episode.
I also managed to get KW’s Scene Dad Kyle Wappler of Have Hope over, mid-Beware-session, to hangout and instead of adding a solo-tag, I extended the outro into a full 2nd chat-record, with Kyle, talking all about HopeFest 2019, the scene, Have Hope and we even reminisced briefly on the legendary 519Punk era. In another life I would have been somewhere between my three guests in age, and we would be hanging out all the time, I fucking love’m all. Please listen and get the info. Obviously! Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald, Jerelle Fisher, Sofia Monaro & Kyle Wappler.

Episode links...
BEWARE, Jerelle Fisher on Instagram, Sofia Monaro on Instagram, Have Hope on Facebook, HopeFest 2019 facebook event
Songs list...Jerelle - Look No Further (feat. Raven J) (ONLINE SINGLE - 2019)Kali Kazoo - Delete My History (from BLEED DARKER & DEEPER THAN THE SEAS OF HELL - 2019)Jerelle - Don’t Miss (ONLINE SINGLE - 2019)Jerelle - Blue Flame (feat. KVNE) (ONLINE SINGLE - 2019)Jonah Ray - Welcome To (Amish) Paradise (from YOU CAN'T CALL ME AL - 2019)

Todd Donald


BRINGS GOOD CHATS OVER GOOD COFFEE♦Read the original article at communityedition.caArticle by Kaitlyn Severin | Photo by Lucia Liu
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For over a decade, Todd Donald has worked to make his voice heard in Waterloo Region. Now, as the host of the local podcast, The Coffeehouse Crowd, Donald is ready to evolve with the renaming of his show, The Todd Donald Show.
The Todd Donald Show is a weekly podcast that features local artists, musicians and community advocates based within Kitchener-Waterloo and is hosted, of course, by Donald. What was originally an un-branding of a podcast Donald had participated in before, The Coffeehouse Crowd, has been posting their episodes to listeners for over a year.
While it doesn’t take place in a coffee shop itself, the idea surrounding the podcast originally stemmed from the atmosphere of a local cafe, where individuals can talk freely and openly about art, music and community events. “I wanted to recreate the experience of chatting with other artists and hearing them play at a coffee house,” Donald said. “Cafes have a thing where people who don’t feel like they fit in [can go in to] have intellectual conversations about art.”
Now, Donald is renaming The Coffeehouse Crowd podcast to the “Todd Donald Show.” While the show is going through the rebrand, Donald notes that the Todd Donald Show will continue on as The Coffeehouse Crowd — it will include some of the same guests, touch on the same themes and will be relevant in KW. “I would consider the renaming of the show almost like an un-branding,” said Donald. “It forces me, as someone who’s not good at branding, to keep evolving what I do.”
In the mid-to-late-2000’s, Donald attended Conestoga College to specialize in radio broadcasting. While attending, Donald took over the college radio program “The British Invasion,” which he rebranded from a punk rock radio show to an indie rock show. Being a singer/songwriter, Donald invited his fellow musician friends to come on the show to play their music, promote their work or just goof off. After moving on from Conestoga College, Donald has shifted his creative side and passion for broadcasting to the world of digital podcasting, hence the conception of The Coffeehouse Crowd.
Since its first episode in September 2018, Donald has interviewed a variety of fellow podcasters, artists and musicians in the Region, many of whom are close friends and colleagues on his podcast. He has brought on the hosts of fellow KW podcast Ape Audio, as well as the hosts of the KW feminist podcast FemWaves, Wendy Huenul and Kate Schlitt, to The Coffeehouse Crowd. They have discussed everything from the local music scene, to growing up in the ever-changing Waterloo Region.
“We all find people interesting on social media from a distance, [but it’s great] to actually have a genuine relationship that exist in two hours,” said Donald. “[Having a podcast has] informed me a lot about myself and how others analyze what they’re trying to do creatively and how candid one is. You deal with people who have prepared things to say and people who do not.”
While the podcast is currently in the midst of changes, Donald still wants his listeners to believe they’re not just listening in on a conversation, but rather they are being comforted by familiar and new voices that make up the Region. “I also feel that the greatest podcast will always be the most entertaining ones, the most interesting ones rich with giving you an experience and have no agenda,” Donald concluded.
“My desire for the listener is they feel like they’re hanging out with people.”

Todd Donald

045 - Sarah Lexia

Quite a while ago, I started chatting about pop-culture with an Aussie on instagram. This conversation ultimately lead-to a "PLEASE be on the podcast". Now Sarah Lexia, an evolving internet personality, has allot in her own right to bring to the table and chat about, from professional dancing, to modelling and brand ambassador-ing... but you'll see here that we kept a loving focus, on Australia, and the wonderful performing talent that has emerged from there over the years. I really enjoyed the hangout, Sarah's personality shines and enabled me to be extra goofy.. and thanks to the flippin' Coffee Lodge Sarnia for letting me record there!!!
After that, I catch you up on tings such as I dunno, my article in The Community Edition!? Then I show you what my latest internet word-game attempt yielded... It's an experience that i've finally decided to round out, by implementing the "5 song rule" in which through the course of listening to the show, you'll hear 5 songs intros and all , whether or not 1-3 of them are performed by a musical guest live-off-the-floor. Tata! Love - Me! Featuring Todd Donald and Sarah Lexia.

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Sarah Lexia on Instagram
Song list...Harriet Nauer - The Island (from STANDING AT THE HEAVENLY GATES - 2014)
Vienna D'Amato Hall - Surrender (from LONG STAY HOTEL - 2019)Stephen Trothen - Leaves (from LEARNS TO KNIT - 2008)Sue Passmore - 10 & 2 (from 87 MILES - 2006)The Lo-Fi Mind - So Bad (from 04/20/2014 - 2014)+ Down Under - Men At Work (cover by Bailey Pelkman)

Mike Farwell Show

Oct 31: Live Entertainment, Daylight Saving Time, and Halloween

The opening monologue (0:56); Does Waterloo Region need an all-purpose sports and entertainment facility? (20:20); Panel recommends major changes to Ford government's controversial autism program (43:32); The Awesome Music Project (1:05:07); Will rest of country follow B.C. and kill seasonal time changes? (1:27:19); The Flip Side: What is your favourite scary movie? (1:47:21)

Mike Farwell Show

Oct 30: Andrew Scheer, Cigarette Packaging, and Halloween Costumes

The opening monologue (0:56); School memo outlines long list of unacceptable Halloween costumes, has Halloween become too PC? (21:34); Waterloo region preps overflow shelter beds following $1M motel bill (36:59); Former Conservative MP joins group saying Andrew Scheer must go (44:48); What's on Wednesday! (1:04:38); Plain cigarette packs to hit shelves as 'best in the world' regulations kick in (1:27:42); Between Two Hosts (1:47:38)

Tic Tek Toe

Canadian Election Postmortem, UNIX at 50, Bryan Adams, Superheroes

TIK TEK TOE, episode 005. Today, Marcel and Evan discuss politics, or at least, what the recent Canadian election actually said about open ideas, oil, the Prime Minister, and the environment. We talk about Unix turning 50 and how Linux wormed its way into pretty much becoming Unix, and Marcel gives Evan some superhero homework.Once you’re done listening, or right now for that matter, make sure you share this podcast with your friends, family, neighbours, enemies . . . just share and recommend. Also, if you can spare a few extra keystrokes, be sure to leave us a comment and tell us how we’re doing. If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to the show using your favorite podcast app, or via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or check us out on Anchor.fm for a list of other options and past episodes. If you’re feeling lazy, as your hosts tend to, you can just listen right here by clicking the “Play” button directly below.

Show Notes

Canadian electon results : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Canadian_federal_election

Electoral Cartogram of Canada : electoralcartogram.ca/?fbclid=IwAR0J5io-ZObuQU5Uu8nj5ZvF4q1nZBNENghEIoPA-jWBJRv9bLYPbqjmKHk

Greta Thunberg Mural Defaced : edmonton.ctvnews.ca/greta-thunberg-mural-in-edmonton-defaced-days-after-emerging-1.4647209

UNIX turns 50 (and yes, Nokia now owns Bell Labs) : www.bell-labs.com/unix50/

Bryan Adams since “Summer of 69” : www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f06QZCVUHg

Teen Titans GO : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teen_Titans_Go!_(TV_series)

The Boys : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Boys_(2019_TV_series)

Mike Farwell Show

Oct 29: Gender Parity, Smart Cars, and Flu Shots

The opening monologue (0:56); It's too soon to tell what this flu season will bring (21:54); Record number of women elected, but still far from gender parity (42:46); What your car knows about you - and what it's telling others (1:03:30); Significant changes to trial procedures in Ontario (1:26:14); The tip, the raid, the reveal: The takedown of al-Baghdadi (1:47:00)